Hemorrhoidectomy: The Most Effective Treatment Option for Hemorrhoids

Living with hemorrhoids can be uncomfortable, painful, and embarrassing, especially for those that have found no relief with non-surgical options. While many of the symptoms of hemorrhoids can be tolerated and lived with, there’s simply no need for that with today’s medical advancements. Prevention will always be the best form of treatment for hemorrhoids. But for those that have been living with this condition — perhaps for years — the most effective treatment option is a hemorrhoidectomy (hemorrhoid removal).  

Below, we will discuss why a hemorrhoidectomy is the best treatment option for anyone who suffers from hemorrhoids that have not responded to medications or dietary changes. Hemorrhoids that have not responded to home remedies can still be removed by a skilled colorectal surgeon in Tampa.

An Effective Cure for Hemorrhoids 

A hemorrhoidectomy involves complete removal of large and persistent hemorrhoids, whether they are internal or external. Hemorrhoids form when veins in the rectum and anus become swollen and inflamed. During a hemorrhoidectomy, a small incision is made around the hemorrhoid, and the inflamed blood vessels are removed. This procedure is performed in a hospital, under the close supervision of medical professionals.

While this may be the final option for many patients, it is also the most effective. In addition to a low complication rate, a hemorrhoidectomy is effective at curing hemorrhoids in 95 percent of cases. Furthermore, it is more effective than other procedures, such as stapled hemorrhoidopexy or rubber band ligation, at curing hemorrhoids and preventing their recurrence. 

What To Expect After Surgery 

Those that undergo hemorrhoid surgery can leave that very same day. Following the procedure, patients will experience some pain that can be mitigated with medication, ice packs, and soaks in a warm bath. However, this pain will subside in about 2-4 weeks, and patients can return to work in as little as a week. Heavy lifting and strain will still need to be avoided during the recovery period. 

Discuss Your Options With a Colorectal Surgeon

Despite the effectiveness of hemorrhoidectomies, they are not for everyone. As mentioned, this is the best treatment option for large internal or external hemorrhoids that have not responded to other treatment options. While there is post-surgical pain involved with this procedure, it does not compare to the difficulties of living for years with hemorrhoids. If this is the case with you, don’t allow another day to go by without taking the first steps towards addressing this treatable disorder; consult a renowned colorectal surgeon like Whalen Clark, M.D.

Dr. Clark’s main goal is to give you the life you had pre-hemorrhoids. He achieves this through minimally invasive, robotic-assisted surgeries that are proven to result in less pain, quicker recovery times, and fewer complications for patients. If you are in search of a surgeon that can not only give an expert opinion on your situation but also perform surgery if necessary, consult with Dr. Clark, the best colorectal surgeon in Tampa

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