Colon Surgery

Depending on the type of procedure performed, it can take up to several months for a patient to recover from traditional colon surgery. However, minimally invasive colon surgery can drastically reduce this recovery time, and Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programs have been shown to reduce recovery times by up to 40 percent. Dr. Clark is capable of effectively treating colon conditions and diseases through minimally invasive means.

Minimally invasive robotic surgery can effectively treat colon diseases and conditions

Reduced recovery and hospitalization times

Less pain following surgery

Reduced blood loss from surgery

Fewer complications

With years of medical training and an advanced robotic surgical system at his disposal, Dr. Whalen Clark, MD, FACS, of the Florida Medical Clinic is capable of reducing patient discomfort and recovery times, allowing them to return to their lives unimpeded by what would have previously been considered major surgery. Prior to surgery, Dr. Clark and his staff will administer:

  • A temporarily reduced food intake plan
  • Pre-operative medications
  • Surgical anesthesia protocols
  • A post-operative nutrition plan

The above approaches not only help patients to recover quickly from colon surgery but also reduce the odds of post-surgical complications. A patient’s quality of life is of the utmost importance to Dr. Clark, and he is dedicated to employing only the most advanced and successful strategies to aid patients in their fight against and recovery from colon conditions and diseases.



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