What’s the Difference Between Open Surgery and General Surgery?

Thanks to several groundbreaking innovations, board-certified general surgeons who specialize in abdominal procedures can now provide treatment options in a revolutionary way. In fact, patients who undergo robotic gastrointestinal surgery are experiencing fewer complications and quicker recovery times than ever.

In this brief article, the best colon and rectal surgeon in Tampa will compare the traditional method of surgery and advanced robotic-assisted surgical techniques. Whether it’s colon, gallbladder, anti-reflux, hernias, or colorectal surgery, Whalen Clark, M.D., and his talented team of medical professionals are committed to effectively treating patients in Tampa. This includes utilizing the most advanced surgical techniques in minimally invasive robotic surgery.  

The Traditional Method of Surgery

Patients who experienced complications of their digestive tract used to have only one option for surgery: open surgery. As the name implies, open surgery requires that the surgeon make a large incision with a scalpel in order to see and perform surgery inside a patient. Most readers associate this form of surgery with dramatic television shows like ER or General Hospital; however, in reality, open surgery is becoming less common, thanks to groundbreaking non-invasive surgical solutions.  

If you are a candidate for a colon and rectal surgery in Tampa, your doctor will likely explore treatment options that avoid large incisions and the risks associated with these procedures. Unfortunately, some procedures still require the traditional form of open surgery because the doctor cannot access the surgical site through minimally invasive techniques. 

A Scientific Breakthrough in Surgical Procedures  

Although open surgery is still an option for many forms of surgery, medical breakthroughs like the da Vinci® surgical system allow a surgeon to perform minimally invasive procedures like never before. Using an advanced set of miniature medical instruments and a high-definition, magnified view of the surgical site, a surgeon can make precise, delicate incisions that greatly reduce blood loss and the risk of infection. Minimally invasive surgery also results in successful outcomes for patients and less recovery time.   

A da Vinci® surgical system has three components. To learn more about each of these components, please visit the robotic surgery company’s website or speak with Dr. Clark:

  • Surgeon Console: located in the same room as the patient, the surgeon performs the surgery by maneuvering the controls to operate the instruments. As the surgeon performs this procedure, they can observe a closeup, 3-D view of the area in which they are operating.   
  • Patient Cart: residing near the patient, small instruments create the incisions in real time by mirroring the surgeon’s hand movements at the console.     
  • Vision Cart: the vision cart is an impressive 3-D high-definition vision screen that allows a team to observe the progress of the surgery and communicate with the surgeon.  

Whether you suffer from a common colon condition like hemorrhoids or have been diagnosed with an extremely serious condition like colon cancer, speak to a medical professional to explore your treatment options. For noncancerous conditions, Dr. Clark may suggest changes to your diet or prescribe medications to improve your condition. For some patients experiencing serious conditions, surgery may be the best option. 

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