Hiatal Hernia Surgery in Tampa

A hiatal hernia is a relatively common condition in which the upper portion of the stomach pushes through the esophageal hiatus into the diaphragm. This can restrict the flow of food and acid, leading to a blockage in the esophagus that typically causes heartburn. While some hiatal hernias are minor and go unnoticed until a patient is being checked for a separate condition, a large hiatal hernia can cause significant discomfort. If a hiatal hernia is left unchecked, it could require surgery.

Whalen Clark, M.D., performs hiatal hernia surgery in Tampa utilizing minimally invasive, robotic-assisted techniques that reduce the risk of infection, minimize pain and scarring, and help facilitate a quicker recovery. Dr. Clark’s specialized knowledge of advanced, abdominal surgical procedures, including the use of cutting-edge da Vinci® robotics developed by Intuitive Surgical and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2000, showcases his dedication to patients in the Tampa Bay area.

Types of Hiatal Hernia Surgery

If you are diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, your medical practitioner will likely suggest operating on the hernia to have it repaired. There are two types of hiatal hernia surgery. The first type is referred to as an “open” procedure. Open procedures utilize long incisions that can cause excessive bleeding and scarring. This procedure can also cause significant patient discomfort.

The other type of hiatal hernia surgery is a “minimally invasive” procedure called a laparoscopic fundoplication. Dr. Clark performs this procedure robotically. During laparoscopic surgery, he will create five or six minor incisions in the abdomen utilizing the unparalleled precision of the da Vinci® robotics system. The laparoscope is then fished through these incisions to give Dr. Clark a look at the patient’s internal organs. Using this method, he can limit complications and increase patient comfort.

After dedicating himself to specialized training in advanced gastrointestinal surgery, Dr. Clark can perform both open or minimally invasive hiatal hernia surgery to satisfy his patients’ needs. With the use of state-of-the-art surgical technologies, he can minimize recovery times. Generally, patients can resume light activity in one or two weeks following a successful surgery. After four to eight weeks, patients will have recovered completely.

Consult the Best Hiatal Hernia Surgeon in Tampa

What makes Dr. Clark the best hiatal hernia surgeon in Tampa? Apart from his unparalleled knowledge of advanced robotics, which can be utilized in a broad range of surgical applications to help patients recover more quickly and avoid unwanted side effects, Dr. Clark gives his full attention to each patient and takes an individualized approach to their medical needs.

Dr. Clark builds a bond of trust that starts with educating the patient about their condition, proposing solutions, and customizing a treatment plan that complies with their lifestyle. This is followed by consistent, post-operative care that helps acclimate patients to the recovery process.

According to the Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association, hiatal hernias affect roughly 60 percent of people by age 60. If you are suffering from frequent, painful heartburn or other common symptoms, you may need hiatal hernia surgery in Tampa.

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